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Bulk WhatsApp Marketing

In present time people have no time to read the marketing materials like pamphlets. But people looking to their WhatsApp frequently and that make the app a great tool for marketing. With WhatsApp marketing, entire marketing concepts and its outcome have changed immensely. This is being popular for its formats and easygoing methods that allow you to shape up your core message wisely. Audio-visual message is considering highly effective to convey your marketing strategy. Here you can convey your audio-visual message with sufficient text. The big thing is, your customer base using
WhatsApp as their primary source for communication. Iconic brings you the coast effective WhatsApp marketing service in Dewas.

You can send

1500 character text message
4 images
1 pdf
1 audio
1 video
3 live buttons

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    These features has made Bulk Whatsapp msg in Dewas the best medium for marketing and people naturally attract to this fastest, effective and convenient marketing strategy. Iconic brings you coast effective WhatsApp marketing service in Ahmedabad. It is one stop solution for your business as the Best Bulk Whatsapp Services near you.
    WhatsApp marketing service is one type of online marketing service used to convey the marketing material to the targeted audience. This service facilitates you to send your content to your customer base. The fine thing in this marketing strategy is that all you
    want to convey to your customer, you can send it altogether. This service is available 24/7 for any of the places in the world.
    One of the major benefits of this service is a sender can send text image audio and video at one go.

    Bulk Whatsapp Marketing

    Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Service is offered for online marketing platform to send the information in the bulk amount to your targeted customers using the whatsapp platform. With our service, you can send your message containing 1500
    character text, 1 audio, 1 pdf, 1 video, 3 live buttons and 4 images at any time across the globe.
    How it works
    Latest version WhatsApp marketing platform is used to send your message. It can access from anywhere. The main thing to be considered is there is no number blocking. It is sent via virtual numbers,the receiver will get your number.
    Whatsapp filter Tool
    Filter tool will filter all the numbers who are not active on WhatsApp.
    Whatsapp Blaster Tool
    We use this tool to blast your message. Process is performed in 4 different steps.
    1. We filter the list of numbers with advanced software
    2. Our designers and content writers together make your message from the given information. The message contains audio, video, image and text.
    3. Along with this message, filtered numbers are uploaded in the software.
    4. The message will send in one click
    What makes Whatsapp Marketing Services efficient It has many attractive features like Instant Delivery - Message is sent in a blink of your eye.
    Multimedia Content
    Such an attractive format of your message with audio, video and pdf make it highly impressive.
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